Tevita Funaki

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Tevita Hualela'Imoana Funaki (born 1948) is (as of 2009) the president of the Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Mission which includes all of Papua New Guinea. Prior to his call as mission president, Brother Funaki has been serving as the Patriarch in the Nuku'alofa Tonga Liahona Stake.

Brother Funaki was born in Ha'atu'a, 'Eua, Tonga. At the time of his call as president of the Port Moresby Mission, Brother Funaki was working full time as a seminary coordinator in Tonga.

Brother Funaki has served as a missionary in the Tonga Mission and as a branch president and member of a high council among other callings.

As President of the Port Moresby Mission, Brother Funaki has enacted policies with the vision of forming districts located in the outlying areas into stakes. Currently the only stake in New Guinea is in Port Moresby.

Brother Funaki and his wife Lolina are the parents of five children.