8 Reasons Mormons Are Still Going to Church

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1. A recent Pew study reported 77% of Mormons (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) attend church at least weekly, compared to 39% of the U.S. average who think they have something better to do.

washing car on Sunday
Mormon congregation

2. Mormons not only work at their worldly vocations, they give more service than any other group in the U.S. Plus, Mormonism has no professional clergy, so lay Mormons do everything in the Church. Day off? Mormons still find time to have fun, but on Sunday they enjoy themselves through worship, service, rest, and being with their families for peaceful, not recreational, activities.

Sleeping in on Sunday
Mormon Sunday school

3. Think church sermons are boring? It’s hard to fall asleep, if you’re the one giving the sermon! Lay members do the preaching and teaching in Mormonism, beginning at a young age. If you’re not speaking, maybe your child is...

sleeping in church
Mormon sacrament meeting

4. Gotta work on the sabbath? Mormons find that if they sincerely devote themselves to following Christ, their employers often come around and let them off on the Sabbath. Mormons do their best to close their own businesses on Sundays and to refrain from shopping and recreation on the Sabbath.

Working on Sunday
Keeping Sabbath Holy Mormon

5. The Church of Jesus Christ is led by a living prophet who receives direct revelation from God. Christ is the head of the Church. Doctrine never changes, but policies can when the Lord directs. There have always been those who want religions to conform to their own ideas, but the Church has always conformed to God’s will as given to living prophets.

Offended quote image
Follow the Prophet Mormon

6. Organized religion provides community, support, and a pattern of worship, study, obedience and service that can increase our knowledge of God, increase our spiritual connection with Him, and expand our consciousness and influence into eternity. And what about serving in the four corners of the earth? Confining? Nope.

Mormon Missionaries
Mormon Missionaries

7. God gives us commandments as blessed guidance for our happiness, security, and safety. When we keep a few, He blesses us with more! In modern times, with secularism expanding and religions accepting any behavior, people are missing the great blessings that come from keeping God’s commandments. One of God’s commandments is to worship on the Sabbath day.

Commandments Mormon
Mormons going to church

8. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offers the most compelling message available on earth -- Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected. His atonement makes it possible to repent and return to our Father in Heaven with our loved ones for eternity. The church Christ founded during His ministry has been fully restored by Christ through heavenly messengers. The heavens are open and revelation flows freely, miracles occur every day, and all the charismatic gifts have been restored. The priesthood of God on the earth today holds all the keys and power of the apostles of old.

Jesus Christ
Joseph Smith Mormon