8 Ways Mormons Remind Me of Marvel’s Avengers

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For Qwirky Wiki by Christopher Cunningham

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D starts tonight. It struck me just how much Mormons and the Avengers have in Common.

1. Like Captain America, Mormons just want to help.

Mormon Helping Hands

Puny Steve Rogers (not yet Captain America) wanted to help however he could. Mormons do too. They believe when they serve their community they’re really helping God.

2. And like Captain America Mormons can be surprisingly athletic.


I mean check this out.

3. Like Agent Phil Coulson Mormons seem to be everywhere.


Everyone knows Mitt Romney and Donnie and Marie are Mormons, but did you know the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba!, the inventor of the TV, and Richard Paul Evans author of The Christmas Box and The Walk series are also Mormons?

4. Like Iron Man, Mormons sacrifice a lot.

Mormon Welfare

Not only do they give 10% of their income to help the mission of their church, Mormons give money to help feed the hungry in their own areas. The picture is of Welfare Square an important part of the Mormon Church’s mission to feed the hungry.

5. Like S.H.I.E.L.D, Mormons first try to prevent emergencies.

Mormon cannery

Marvel’s new shield show, will be different than the Avengers. They’ll try to spend most of their time preventing major alien invasion emergencies. Mormons do the same thing at the LDS Humanitarian Center, where they work to help the needy stay afloat.

6. Both Mormons and the Avengers wear costumes.

Mormonism Africa

Not all the time. After natural disasters, Mormon helping hands come on to help get the area back up. They all wear yellow shirts so leaders can better organize the efforts.

7. Like the Avengers Mormons help save the entire world.

Mormonism World Map

LDS Humanitarian services responded to 191 disasters in 58 countries in 2010. (Dark areas represent countries aided by LDS humanitarian services)

8. Like the Avengers, Mormons are a group of superheroes fighting intergalactic invaders and trying to keep a giant invisible flying aircraft carrier in the sky.


Okay maybe they’re not exactly like the Avengers.