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Courtesy Deseret News

Al Fox Carraway is a Latter-day Saint blogger who is known also as the “Tattooed Mormon.” She joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in New York on August 22, 2009, and followed a spiritual prompting to move to Utah even though she knew no one in the state. She started blogging and making YouTube videos, and sharing her testimony of hope. She has been in demand as a speaker and has traveled throughout the United States to speak to young women, young men, and adults. She especially has helped individuals who feel they are judged for their mistakes or believe they don’t fit in. She has spoken at the Utah State prison four times. She was honored with the 2014 BYU Donald C. Sloan Community Speaker Award.[1]

Her message of hope includes encouragement to keep going, keep trying, keep praying, and move forward.[2]. “Don’t let who you used to be hold yourself back from who you can become.”

In 2015, she published More Than the Tattooed Mormon. She dislikes the nickname, but has turned it into a positive in her life. "That phrase ‘tattooed Mormon’ intrigues people enough to listen to me and that is something that I will forever be grateful for.”[3]

She is from Rochester, New York, and earned a degree in graphic design. She and her husband, Ben, are the parents of a daughter and a son. They live in Utah.

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