Anders Arrhenius

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Anders Arrhenius, right, with son Leif

Anders Arrhenius was a professional shot put competitor in Sweden. He came to the United States after Brigham Young University trainer Marv Robertson put on a clinic in Stockholm in the early 1970s and the way he taped athletes intrigued Arrhenius since the technique was new in Europe. Arrhenius had also met Kristine Fowler, who was serving a mission to Stockholm for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After they married, they settled in Utah, and Arrhenius taught English and Health at Spanish Fork High.

While a student at BYU, Arrhenius earned All-American honors in shot put at BYU in 1975. At that time, only the top three finishers were named All-American, but with top five finishes, Arrhenius could have been All-American at least five times by today’s standards. Arrhenius also went on to represent Sweden in the 1976 Olympic Summer Games.

Arrhenius is the father of four children. When they started getting involved in sports, he introduced them to competition. Soon their family vacations were centered around track and field competitions nationwide. His three sons, Dan, Niklas, and Leif all competed for BYU. Nik went on to compete at the Olympics.