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Andrew Young Mormon Honor Park

Andrew Redford Young is a skateboarder, filmmaker, and video game maker. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Young grew up in Alpine, Utah, and became interested in filmmaking as a sponsored skateboarder making skate movies. He studied animation at Brigham Young University and after graduation worked at Microsoft Games Studios making video games and DreamWorks Animation making feature animated films.

Honor Park

The content of games and movies made for young people began to concern Young. He thought that young men were being confused by the misrepresentations and half truths about important topics such as girls, fame, worth, and violence. He found himself constantly explaining the context that TV shows were leaving out and that games were falsely glamorizing. He concluded that young men were being duped by adults who were making media for them.

He left his job and now devotes his full-time efforts to create Honor Park, a show aimed to teach young men about honor, honesty, chivalry, nonviolence, useful skills, and strength.