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Angela Johnson Mormon

Angela Johnson is a sculptor of religious themes and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Angela only began sculpting twelve years ago, but her series of sculptures of Christ are noted as remarkable, moving and masterful. They have been on display at the Newport Temple Open house, the Mesa Temple Visitor Center, and the LDS Museum of Church History and Art. They will be shown at other temple visitor’s center in the months to come. A schedule can be found at Angela’s website.

Angela, a mother and grandmother, shifted her focus from her career as a professional opera singer of 20 years, when one day she was overcome with a prompting to express herself with clay. According to LDS Church News, she said, "The intensity of it was enormous. It happened so fast, I didn't have time to think about it." She rushed to a craft store and within four hours created a piece of artwork of a young girl.

She felt compelled to create; discovering a gift she didn't know she had. She said, "I felt divine help that I can't logically explain. I only know that Heavenly Father knows us perfectly, he knows what gifts we have." Her work turned her kitchen into a studio and her formal dining room into a gallery.”

She has created the "Light of the World" sculpture garden at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. The garden will host 14 scenes from the life of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible and one from Joseph Smith's First Vision. The first piece and largest sculpture, "Christ Walking on the water," took four years to create and cost $22,000 in clay alone. The garden opened in 2011 with fifteen bronze sculptures and will expand to thirty-five statues, culminating in a grand opening in May 2016. Jesus Christ is the focal point of the garden. Johnson said, "I have loved Him very personally and intimately since I was a little girl, so contemplating walking with Him, visualize talking with Him has been constantly on my mind and in my heart." She wanted the sculptures to cause visitors to stop and say, "Why do I feel that he is listening to me?"

Angela Johnson
"It Is I, Be Not Afraid," "Light of the World" sculpture garden, Thanksgiving Point