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An Area Seventy is a member of the Third through Eighth Quorums of the Seventy and serve part-time for a period of approximately five years. They have at times been called Area Seventies, Area Authority Seventies, and Area Authorities. The current term is Area Seventies.

The need for Area Authority Seventies was anticipated by the Lord when He provided that there be “other seventy, until seven times seventy, if the labor in the vineyard of necessity requires it” D&C 107:96. Before 1997 the need for help in administering the Church in all the world was served by two other callings—from 1967 until 1995 by regional representatives of the Twelve and from 1995 until 1997 by Area Authorities. (For more information, see Elder L. Aldin Porter, “A History of the Latter-day Seventy,” Ensign, August 2000, 14–20.)[1]

Once known as Regional Representatives of the Twelve. As stated, that calling existed from 1967 until 1995 when all Regional Representatives were released and they were replaced by Area Authority Seventies. Later the name was simplified to Area Seventies to avoid confusion with General Authority Seventies.

Members of the Quorums of the Seventy do not hold priesthood keys as part of their calling as Seventies. But when they receive an assignment from the First Presidency or the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, the keys they need to accomplish the task are delegated to them. As President Brigham Young (1801–77) explained to the Seventy, “When we send you to build up the kingdom, we will give you the keys, and power and authority” (History of the Church, 7:308). When they are ordained, members of the Seventy do receive apostolic authority to bear witness that Jesus is the Christ and to go forth in all the world as the Twelve may send them.[2]

General Authority Seventies have authority to serve anywhere in the world. Area Seventies' authority is generally limited to the area where they serve.

Beginning in 1984, the Church established areas to direct the work in geographic locations. The Area Presidencies for the United States and Canada will work from Church headquarters; area presidencies outside of the United States and Canada operate from area offices in each assigned area. The Church’s Middle East/North Africa Area is administered from headquarters.

Effective August 1, 2019, the North America Northwest Area and the North America West will combine to become the North America West Area. The Idaho Area and North America Central Area will become the North America Central Area. And the Utah North Area, Utah Salt Lake City Area, and Utah South Area will combine to become the Utah Area.

With the changes, the Church will have 15 areas outside North America and 6 areas inside North America for a total of 21.

After their service has concluded Area Seventies are released. Some are called to serve full-time as General Authority Seventies and serve in either the First or Second Quorums.