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Giving the Holy Ghost
  • Patriarchal Blessings are given to worthy Church members by ordained patriarchs.
  • Priesthood Blessings are given when babies are blessed, members are confirmed, men are ordained, and members are sick or troubled.

Blessings are given through the proper authority by the laying on of hands. That is, the priesthood holder lays his hands upon the head of the individual and pronounces a blessing upon him. These blessings are delivered through the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and are the words of the Lord to the person receiving the blessing. Such blessings are often healing and revelatory.

A person receives one patriarchal blessing during his lifetime, usually as he approaches adulthood. Babies receive "a name and a blessing" soon after birth. This ritual is similar to the Jewish "brit." However, no rite of circumcision accompanies the ritual. The baby is given the name by which he/she will be known during his/her sojourn on earth, and a blessing that includes promises and guidance for the future.

Confirmation occurs just after baptism and is the laying on of hands for the bestowal of the Holy Ghost as the constant companion to the worthy member of the Church.

Ordinations are blessings that ordain boys and men to various priesthood offices. A "setting apart" is a blessing given to a person when he begins a new calling, bestowing upon him all the rights, spiritual guidance, and sensitivity he will need in his calling.

Priesthood blessings are conferred upon people who are ill, troubled, or entering a new and challenging phase in life. Stewardship is key where priesthood blessings are concerned. A father has stewardship over his family and may give priesthood blessings to his wife and children, if he is a worthy priesthood holder. Home Teachers give blessings to the families they serve. Bishops may give blessings to anyone in their wards, and etc. Thus, order is maintained in the Church. No person may come forward claiming special healing powers and lead away or groom a following. Everyone knows to whom he may turn for comfort.