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Boyd Terry Mormon Musician

Boyd Terry is a musician and cofounder of the rock band The Aquabats, along with friends Christian Jacobs and Chad Larson. He played the trumpet with the band until his departure in 2002, during a career lull for the band.

Terry, who worked for Aleeda, a wetsuit-manufacturing company, and later pursued a career in apparel design, created the band’s superhero costumes using lycra and neoprene he obtained from the company. He later worked for both RVCA and Nike.

In addition to playing the trumpet and other valved instruments, he wrote or co-wrote several of the band’s songs and sang lead vocals on “Pool Party!” and “Mucho Gusto.” His superhero alter ego is “Catboy.” He joined the band in 2009 for a series of holiday shows held throughout Southern California. He also appeared in an episode of The Aquabats! Super Show! shown on Showtime.

Terry is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.