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Chad Larson Mormon Musician

Chad Larson is a musician and co-founder of The Aquabats with fellow Latter-day Saint friends Christian Jacobs and Boyd Terry. At the formation of the band, Larson played the trombone then switched to bass guitar. For several years prior to The Aquabats, he was the bassist for punk band B.H.R.

The Aquabats is a satire band that has enjoyed more than twenty years of a cult—and for a time mainstream—following. In the early years, the group varied in the number of musicians on stage and the elaborate costuming and production. The group adopted a superhero persona and each of the five current members has an alter ego; Larson’s is Crash McLarson.

Larson is professional electrician. While The Aquabats wrote and produced their cable show The Aquabats: Super Show! for The Hub network, Larson was able to work on the show full time. On The Aquabats! Super Show!, he worked as an occasional composer in addition to his screenwriting credits and co-starring role.

Larson and his wife and four children live in Orange County.