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Brad Hull Mormon Musician

Brad Hull is a singer, songwriter, and member of the country group Due West. He is also a member of The Nashville Tribute Band. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Hull formed Due West with Tim Gates and Matt Lopez in 2004. The trio met at a party hosted by Dan Truman and played guitar and sang harmonies together spontaneously. People at the party loved their sound and asked them the name of their group and how long they had been together. So the three formed Due West and have been together ever since.[1]

Due West produced its first single, “I Get That All the Time” in 2009 with a music video that premiered on Great American Country (GAC). In 2011, the group released a music video for their second single, “When the Smoke Clears.” Both singles ranked in the top 20 of Great American Country.

Three albums followed, with Forget the Miles in February 2011 (with Black River Records), Move Like That in August 2013 (independently produced with Brandon Metcalf), and I Hear Christmas in November 2013. More singles include “The Bible and the Belt,” “Things You Can’t Do in a Car,” and “Slide On Over.”

Hull was born in Thatcher, Arizona. He started studying classical guitar at age eleven and taught guitar lessons as a teen. He gleaned an understanding of the music business by working at BMI. He worked in the song registration department for over two years. He and his wife, Brooke, are parents of one daughter.