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Bryan Peterson is a graphic designer, illustrator, painter, singer, musician, and songwriter whose graphic design company, Peterson Ray & Company, is located in Dallas, Texas. Peterson Ray is an award–winning communications design group specializing in traditional media and new media. Peterson's musical side finds an outlet through writing lyrics and music and playing in a Texas party band, the Fuzztones. Peterson has recorded two solo CDs and frequently plays boogie-woogie keyboards for LaFave and other musicians. He is a modern Renaissance man.

Peterson is an alumnus of Brigham Young University. He was born in Wyoming, the son of a Shell Oil executive. His work in graphic design is highly collaborative with his clients. Together they determine a central idea or theme. Peterson helps the client develop new ideas and points of view. Says Peterson, "I need restrictions. The toughest design assignments are those that are wide open and come with few or no preexisting requirements or conditions." [1] Peterson tries not to impose his own style upon the design needs of his clients, instead opening them up to new ideas, while bringing to fruition the client's vision.

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Peterson has published a graphic design textbook, Design Basics for Creative Results. [2]

The Graphic Design Process

Rain Falling Down, composed by Bryan Peterson