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Mormon Chapel in Palmyra
An LDS Meetinghouse in Palmyra, New York

The Chapel is the room in a church building where the main worship service is held. Chapel is sometimes used to refer to the entire building. Members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often refer to the entire building as a "meetinghouse." Though a meetinghouse may be of attractive architecture, the interiors of chapels are relatively plain compared to the chapels created for other Christian denominations. Mormons, as members of the Church are often called, use no icons in Church worship. The symbols of the cross and the crucifix are not used in worship. The focus is on the living Christ, and the witness of the Spirit. Artwork depicting events of Christ's life may be found elsewhere in the meetinghouse, but not in the chapel.

Latter-day Saints aim for marriage in the temple, where eternal marriages are performed, but marriages for time ("until death do you part") can be conducted in the "cultural hall" section of the meetinghouse. Marriages are not performed in meetinghouse chapels.

A common misperception among those not of the Mormon faith is that only Latter-day Saints can enter their chapels. This is most likely based on a misunderstanding about temples and chapels. While temples, of which there are 159 in operation worldwide (excluding those announced or under construction), are open only to members of the Church who are fully engaged in their faith, anyone can enter a Mormon chapel to visit or worship with their Latter-day Saint neighbors. There are over 17,000 chapels throughout the world.

Mormons are generally a friendly people, so a visitor should not be surprised when someone, seeing the new face, comes over to talk and offers to shake hands and help the visitor find the right meeting or class.

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