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Chicago Illinois Mormon Temple

The Chicago Illinois Temple is the 35th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 1985 when the Chicago Illinois Mormon Temple was dedicated, it was the first Temple to be built in Midwestern United States in nearly 140 years. The last one having been the Nauvoo Temple, which was begun during the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith but not completed until 1846. The Nauvoo Temple was rebuilt in 2002, giving the state of Illinois two Mormon temples.

It was not easy getting approval for a temple in Illinois. There was considerable opposition from "groups concerned over the visual effect the Temple would have on the area." [1] It took nearly two years of searching for the appropriate site and another two years to seek government approval. When the ground was finally broken in 1983, President Gordon B. Hinckley, then an apostle, promised the community that, "what we do here will be beautiful and will enhance rather than diminish the charm of this lovely area." [2]

The site chosen, an area referred to as The Grove, was known for its beautiful landscape of wildflowers, birds, and grasslands, and the Mormon Church went to great lengths to preserve the land's beauty. Along with preserving the natural landscape. the Church also created a "one hundred foot buffer zone along the southern border of the Temple site." This southern side of the Temple "remains unlighted at all times as not to disturb the bird migration flyways." [3]

The Chicago Temple is able to accommodate a broad spectrum of Church members, from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds as Spanish, Polish, Korean and other Asian cultures, as well as members who are deaf. The temple construction process also enabled members to contribute their means, talents, and time. Children donated pennies. Young women made dolls for the temple nursery. Women crocheted and tatted altar cloths and many donated hours in helping with the open house.

The Chicago Illinois Temple open house, held 15 July–3 August 1985, allowed the community and its members to tour the sacred edifice before the dedication. Over one hundred thousand people walked the halls of the Chicago Temple learning of the Mormon temple's purpose and marveling at the beauty of this majestic building.

President Gordon B. Hinckley dedicated the Chicago Illinois Temple on August 9, 1985. The temple has a total of 29,751 square feet, five ordinance rooms, and four sealing rooms.


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