Conquest of Jericho (Poem)

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Conquest of Jericho

And the Lord said unto Joshua:
“I have given unto thine hand Jericho.
Before the ark I want seven priests,
Bearing rams horn trumpets.
And this shall take seven days,
And they shall compass the city seven times.”

“When surrounding the city seven times,”
The Lord continued to instruct Joshua,
“The walls of the city shall fall in seven days,
And utterly destroy the inhabitants of Jericho.
By the long blasts of the trumpets,
That shall be blown by the priests.”

And the son of Nun called seven priests:
“You will circle the city seven times,
And blow the rams horn trumpets.”
The Ark of the Covenant was brought before Joshua,
And he told the people to surround Jericho
Once every six days.

And seven times on the seventh day.
“I want armed men before the priests,
And the ark to come behind when circling Jericho.”
“When going around the seventh time,”
Continued Joshua,
“The people shall shout with the trumpets.”

So the seven priests with seven trumpets
Went blowing a full six days
“And only shall Rahab live,” commanded Joshua
So the people shouted with the priests
And it was done only on the seventh time,
That the wall fell down flat, for entry to Jericho

The city was burned—waste was Jericho.
Celebratory sounds of the trumpets
Were made long and loud and many times.
Victory feasts were the order of the days.
Hailed as heroes were the seven priests
Thoughout the country was noised the fame of Joshua!

Gold and many times the silver were taken that day.
Joshua said, “Cursed be the man that buildeth this city Jericho.”
And the seven trumpets and the seven priests agreed.

Based on Old Testament, Joshua chapter six. Verses 1-5 are the word of the Lord to Joshua (stanzas 1 and 2); verses 6-7 are Joshua's words to the people (stanzas 3 and 4); verses 8-27 is the conquest of Jericho (stanzas 5 and 6).