David W. Patten

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An early apostle of the Mormon church. Many consider him to be among the first martyrs following the restoration after he died in consequence of wounds suffered in the Battle of Crooked River with state militia members who were hostile to the Church. The following statement from Our Heritage: A Brief History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints describes the events leading up to Patten's death taken from Heber C. Kimball's history:

Heber said of David Patten: “The principles of the Gospel which were so precious to him before, afforded him that support and consolation at the time of his departure, which deprived death of its sting and horror.” The dying man spoke to those at his bedside concerning some Saints who had fallen from their steadfastness into apostasy, exclaiming, “ ‘O that they were in my situation! For I feel that I have kept the faith.’ ” Next he addressed Phoebe Ann, saying, “ ‘Whatever you do else, Oh do not deny the faith.’ ” Just before he died, he prayed, “ ‘Father, I ask Thee in the name of Jesus Christ, that Thou wouldst release my spirit, and receive it unto Thyself.’ ” And then to those around him he pleaded, “ ‘Brethren, you have held me by your faith, but do give me up, and let me go, I beseech you.’ ” Brother Kimball said, “We accordingly committed him to God, and he soon breathed his last, and slept in Jesus without a groan.” [1]