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Dennis Smith is a contemporary sculptor based in Alpine, Utah. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and eleven of his sculptures of women grace the Nauvoo Visitors' Centers. He has also created childhood fantasy sculptures. His sculptures of families, mothers, and children are located in public and private collections, museums, and many other public plazas, airports, and buildings throughout the United States. His has also created his Air Ships series—marvelous flying machines that are abstract but machine like, whimsical and approachable, and represent the imaginings of children.

He is also a painter and creates vivid work. He also works in metal, glass, and pen and ink.

He graduated from Brigham Young University in fine art and completed one year of graduate work there. He also studied at the Danish Royal Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a little over a year.

Lighter Than Air
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