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Ellen Wheeler, Mormon actress, director, and producer

Ellen Wheeler is an American actress, director, and producer. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wheeler was born on October 9, 1961, in Cedar City, Utah. She made her acting debut at the age of three in a performance of Madame Butterfly in a theater owned by her parents. She is a three-time Emmy award winner for her performances in daytime dramas such as Another World and All My Children. [1] She also has made guest appearances on many other shows. Wheeler was once married to her Another World costar, Tom Eplin. They were married during the time that their characters "Vicky/Marley" and "Jake" were involved. Wheeler and her husband, Shannon, were married in 1992 and have two children. [2]

As Another World was drawing to a close, Wheeler was invited to direct a few episodes. She continued directing along with her acting after the show ended. She directed several episodes of As the World Turns and finally became part of the directorial team at the show. She also served for a time as an associate producer for Guiding Light. She returned to As the World Turns, but then left to take the position of Executive Producer of Guiding Light in spring of 2004 and continued in that position until the show was cancelled in September 2009. She spent the next several years being home with her children. She participated in a Guiding Light reunion in November 2013 (called “A New Project with Old Friends”), where they discussed the possibility of web reunion show.

Wheeler is credited with Guiding Light's transition to a new filming method, recording with digital cameras.

"In 2007, Wheeler launched Guiding Light's 70th anniversary (the longest running show in history) by volunteering her cast and crew on a charity and service campaign known as 'Find Your Light', encouraging viewers to participate alongside actors, directors and crew members in work for the homeless and other deserving groups and individuals across the country."