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The following instructions will help you enhance your article in the following manner:

Add Bolded Words

a. <b> Hello!</b> would appear as Hello

Underline a Word

a. <u> Hello!</u> would appear as Hello!

Strike Out a Word

a. <strike>Welcome!</strike> would appear as Welcome!

Add Superscripts and Subscripts

a. Superscripts should be written like this: Hello<sup>2</sup> and will appear like this : Hello 2

b. Subscripts should be written like this: Hello<sub> 2 </sub> and will appear like this : Hello 2

Add Bullets

a. Add bullets by placing an Asterisk before the word or phrase, *Hello would appear like :

  • Hello

b. Add more bullets my repeating the same process.



Should appear as:

  • Hello
  • Goodbye

Add a Numbered List

a. Make a numbered list by adding the # before the word or phrase, #Hello should appear like:

  1. Hello

b. Add more than one number by adding repeating the same process:

# Hello

# Goodbye

# Eureka!!

Should appear as:

  1. Hello
  2. Goodbye
  3. Eureka!

Add Headings and Subsections

Add headings and subsections to divide your article into sections and topics. By adding these, MormonWiki will automatically add a contents box at the top of the page with the list of headings and sub sections.

a. A heading is added by placing two = symbols around the word, == First Section== should appear as:

First Section

b. Subsection are written the same way, except you place an additional = around the word. ===Subsection=== should appear as:


c. The more = that are placed the smaller the heading becomes. Like the following:

====Sub Subsection==== should appear as,

Sub Subsection

=====Sub Sub Subsection===== should appear as,

Sub Sub Subsection

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