Fast and Testimony Meeting

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Once a month, sacrament meeting is a Fast and Testimony Meeting. Fast and testimony meeting is usually held on the first Sunday of every month, although it can be held on a different Sunday due to scheduled general conference or stake conference.

The purpose of the meeting is to partake of the sacrament and strengthen one another by bearing testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Members are encouraged to come to the meeting fasting if they are able to fast.[1]

No speakers are assigned to speak in this meeting. The ward or branch leader conducting bear a brief testimony and then invites those in the congregation to bear their testimonies.

To bear testimony means to declare gospel truths as inspired by the Holy Ghost. Testimonies should be brief so that many people can participate.[2]

Members of the ward or branch, as well as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who may be visiting, are encouraged to stand in front of the congregation and to bear their testimonies of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. Testimonies are usually brief, lasting about five minutes. Both adults and children are invited to bear their testimonies.

The meeting usually begins with an opening hymn sung by the congregation and a prayer or invocation. If needed, and under the direction of the bishop or branch president, time is allotted for the naming and blessing of newborn children or confirmations following baptism. The sacrament is then administered. The remainder of the hour-long meeting is open for testimonies, a closing hymn, and a closing prayer or benediction.

The confirmation of any recently baptized members of the Church can occur in any sacrament meeting where they live. Usually eight-year-old children are confirmed on the day they are baptized. Converts are typically confirmed in sacrament meeting. [3] In the past these confirmations often occurred in fast and testimony meeting because baptisms were held on the Saturday preceding the first Sunday, although now baptisms can occur at different times.