George H. Brimhall

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George H. Brimhall served as the fourth president of Brigham Young University from April 1904 to July 1921.

He was born on December 9, 1852, in Salt Lake City. He moved with his family first to Ogden and then to Spanish Fork. He was the valedictorian at the Provo Timpanogos Academy. He became Spanish Fork’s Superintendent of Schools for two terms, then Utah County School Superintendent for two years. He was fourth principal of Brigham Young Academy, from 1895 to 1900.

At BYU, he guided the university through years of financial crisis and other hardships, in particular a conflict between those who taught orthodox church teachings and those who taught evolution and higher criticism. He introduced the bachelor science program in 1904 and the bachelor of arts program in 1907. He also served on the Church Board of Examiners. He resigned his presidency in July 1921 due to chest and abdominal pain. He continued to teach and was head of the Department of Theology and Religion.

Brimhall was the father of 14 children. Some of his descendants include Lucy Jane "Jennie" Brimhall Knight, and John H. Groberg. Brimhall died on July 29, 1932, having taken his own life due to the severe pain he suffered.