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Heather Horrocks is the USA Today bestselling author of several books in different genres, including How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini, Old Maid of Honor, Old Money, Baby Mine, No Sudden Moves, and The Scientist Takes the Bait, and several series: Christmas Street, Bad Mothers Club, Chick Flick Clique, Who-Dun-Him Inn, Moonchuckle Bay, and Rocky Mountain. She has contributed to several collections and anthologies. She contributed Violet: Bride of North Dakota to the American Mail-Order Bride series. Her nonfiction titles include Women Who Knew the Mortal Messiah, Men Who Knew the Mortal Messiah, Women and Men Who Knew the Mortal Messiah, A Father’s Footprints, and The Miracle.

She lived overseas during her formative years and lists several adventures in her biography: “waterskied through an oil slick in the Persian Gulf, partied with a Kuwaiti princess classmate, hid under the bed with her mother during s South American coup, flew in and out of the blacked-out Cairo airport moments before it was bombed during the Six Day war, and crossed the finish line first at Utah’s Miller Motorsports Park.”

She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.