Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

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Mormon scholarship

Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture is a scholarly journal founded in August 2012 by Dr. Daniel Peterson, former former editor of "Mormon Studies" for the Neal A. Maxwell Institute at Brigham Young University. Peterson is an emeritus professor of Islamic studies and Arabic at BYU.

Interpreter is mostly be available online at It is intended as a "nonprofit, independent, peer-reviewed educational journal" focused on Latter-day Saint scriptures. 1 Not meant to be solely apologetic, Interpreter defends "the position of the LDS Church through the use of evidence and reason."

Peterson "hopes that in addition to doing ground-breaking scholarly research in areas related to LDS scriptures, Interpreter will continue in the apologetic tradition of Peter and Paul from the New Testament and Alma from the Book of Mormon in giving reasonable, rational arguments in support of the gospel of Jesus Christ." [1]