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Like Brandon Flowers and Alex Boye, James Valentine is trying to find that path which will reconcile a rock lifestyle with his faith. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. James was born October 5, 1978, in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was raised by LDS parents (both teach at Brigham Young University) along with three sisters and one brother. Indicative of his Latter-day Saint upbringing, he was president of his high school student council and an Eagle Scout.

"This is about as polar-opposite a lifestyle as I was supposed to have, in my adult life. On the road I’ve gone through times of drinking too much and stuff, I went pretty far outside the bubble. I try to live morally and still have a good time, and I’ve had to find my own way. It’s been a difficult path."

James is the guitarist in the popular band Maroon 5. He played in several bands as guitarist, and even played with John Mayer (in "Stop This Train" and "In Repair" on Mayer's album) after becoming friends with him at Berklee in Boston. James also appeared in Jenny Lewis's music video for "Rise up with Fists!" from her album (on which he played guitar), Rabbit Fur Coat. Maroon 5 found James after he moved to LA. Maroon 5 credits Valentine and a slew of fresh tracks in creating a new start for the band.

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