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Mormon Performers Jericho Road

The performers who comprise Jericho Road met at Brigham Young University in the performing group the Young Ambassadors. The guys (Abe from St. Louis, Missouri; Dave from Sandy, Utah; Justin from Parma, Idaho; and Bret from Knoxville, Tennessee) developed close friendships performing together, and after expressing strong desires to use their performing talents in a way that would be both entertaining and inspiring, decided to form Jericho Road. All the singers in Jericho Road are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes casually called the Mormon Church.

Their self-titled debut release broke all sales records for their label, selling over 10,000 in its first week and, ever since then, nearly 150,000 albums sold later, they've been sharing their music and conviction with fans of all faiths throughout the world. Now, nearly 3 years and 4 albums later, the group is still going strong. Their releases include the contemporary albums Jericho Road, True North, and the EP Deeper Still, a devotional album (What Matters Most), and their latest contemporary release, There is More. Jericho Road won a Listeners Choice Award for Album of the Year (True North) and Group Artist of the Year. They also received a 2003 Pearl Award for Performing Artist of the Year and Contemporary Recording of the Year (A New Day, True North).

Radio stations across the country (both contemporary and Christian) have helped JR gain national attention as a group who conveys an uplifting and positive message to all. Finding My Way Back to You, the hit single from their second album, was on the Top 5 most-requested list at KXEN in St. Louis. In the last two years, the group has gained more international attention and exposure, completing two tours to the United Kingdom and Ireland, a sold-out week-long tour to Chile last July, and recent performances in Florida, Washington, Oregon, and California!

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