Joelin Rapana

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Joelin Rapana, Mormon Rugby Star

Joelin Rapana is an Australian rugby star and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Rapana took two years off from playing rugby to serve a mission for the Church in the Australian outback. As of 2010 he was playing for the Warringah Rats. He played his first Super 14 season with the Western Force.

He burst onto the scene with the Australian Schoolboys in 2004, but Rapana’s football career took a back seat when the devout Mormon took time out to complete his voluntary two-year missionary work. Rapana's mission halted his rugby league career to the point where he virtually had to start again with a new three-year plan. He credits his mission for the added maturity he needs to handle athletic stardom, attention, and competition, as well as the potential high salaries he might earn.