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Courtesy JustServe.org

JustServe.org is a website where volunteers can go to find service opportunities and organizations in need of volunteers can post their needs.

According to the website, “JustServe provides opportunities to relieve suffering, care for the poor and needy, and enhance the quality of life in the community. JustServe is not for proselytizing or publicity—it is simply a free service to help link community volunteer needs with volunteers.”

“JustServe.org is a service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Neither the Church nor its website discriminates based on race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation to screen projects for posting or volunteers who may sign up to serve.”

After the Church launched the website in the Magic Valley area of Idaho, area spokesman Ray Parrish said that the website is a free service provided by the Church of Jesus Christ to help people serve their community. In just two short weeks, fifteen local nonprofits had signed up, including the Fifth Judicial District Court Appointed Special Advocates Program (known as CASA for Children), and the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Program.[1]

“We believe in service so much,” Parrish said. “It benefits the community and volunteers through their service. We just encourage people of all faiths to get out and volunteer. Often there are opportunities that get missed because no one knows about it.”[2]

Volunteers can select what kind of service they are interested in, such as working with youth or animals. They can also specify any skills they have or the distance they prefer to travel. Parrish said people can also decide whether they want to get daily or weekly notifications when they are matched with a nonprofit.

Parrish said that fundraisers or political projects are not accepted. Nonprofit directors must first sign up as a volunteer on the site and then they can create projects looking for volunteers. He noted that often Mormon missionaries use the site to find volunteer opportunities, as service is part of their weekly missionary effort, but Parrish said they do not proselytize during their community service.[3]