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Mormon LDS Living Magazine
LDS Living Magazine is a magazine made specifically for members of Mormon Church. It is not, however, published by the Church, therefore ideas and articles in this magazine are not to be considered official statements or views of the Church (See Church Magazines for information about the official magazines of the Church).

The magazine is sent out on a bi-monthly basis and includes articles and suggestions specifically related to the Mormon lifestyle and culture. Ideas and advice are included on Family Home Evening, relationships, family travel and vacations, home solutions, and family lessons and games. The magazine also provides inspirational articles under different topics such as: courageous mothers, families and individuals, random acts of kindness, LDS heroes, and conversion stories. How-to articles are often a part of the magazine and usually cover items like smarter parenting, family togetherness, family finance, practical LDS living, and safeguarding your home.

LDS Living Magazine has also provided an online e-mag for the last five years. The online magazine is free and those who subscribe receive daily emails. Monday emails are devoted to family home evening, so they come with ideas for a lesson topic, hymn, activity, and scripture references. Tuesday emails contain an inspirational article, as well as a health and dating tip. Wednesday is LDS Events and News and contains top Church headlines as well as events. Products that other members recommend or sales related to LDS lifestyle are the topic of emails on Thursday. Friday emails contain ideas for Church callings such as Young Men/Young Women, Gospel Doctrine lessons that week, Church History, Primary, Relief Society, Nursery, and Priesthood. There is also a weekend email, which provides ideas for family activities during the weekend.

LDS Living Magazine can be ordered online through its website at