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Mormon King James Bible
The word Lamentations means weeping or crying with great sorrow; it was common in ancient Judah to compose and sing lamentations about departed friends or relatives who had died. This book contains the lamentations that Jeremiah wrote in poetic form, which expressed his feelings of despair over the fate of Jerusalem, the temple, and the people of Judah. Nearly every other prophetic book in the Old Testament contains laments, but Lamentations is the only book that consists entirely of this literary form.

Numerous principles are taught in the book of Lamentations and worth pondering and using in daily lives. 1) We cannot sin without consequences, 2) Heeding false prophets is often easier than heeding true ones, 3) Thinking the powers of the world can help you escape God's punishment is foolish, 4) Sinners who are punished often think God is unfair, 5) True remorse usually comes only after some amount of suffering, 6) Hope comes from acknowledging our sins, 7) Because of God's love and mercy, there is a time of forgiveness and renewal for all who repent.