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Lubbock Texas Mormon Temple

The Lubbock Texas Temple is the 109th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Lubbock Texas temple joins three other temples in Texas in serving the 220,000 members of the Mormon Church who live within the state. The Lubbock Temple serves western Texas and eastern New Mexico, an area with about 13,500 members.

Local members were so excited to have a temple close by that despite a rainstorm many attended the temple groundbreaking ceremony held on 4 November 2000. Temple president Jay B. Jensen commented that, "their spirits were not dampened by the weather." [1]

During the open house of the new temple about 21,000 people toured the building. After viewing the many pictures of Christ and learning the purpose of temples many of them left saying, "I know now that what I’ve been taught about this church not being Christian is not correct." [2] Church leaders hope that people in the area will be more open to learning about the Church because of the temple.

The Lubbock Texas temple was dedicated by Church President Gordon B. Hinckley on 21 April 2002. During the prayer President Hinckley said, "Our dear Father, as we dedicate this house we dedicate ourselves that we may more faithfully serve Thee as those called to work in Thy great kingdom." [3]

The site for the Lubbock Texas Temple is shared with a Church meetinghouse known as a stake center. The exterior of the temple is finished with empress white and majestic gray granite quarried in China. It is of classic modern design with a single spire, topped by a statue of the angel Moroni. The temple has a total of 16,498 square feet, two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms.


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