Lyman E. Johnson

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Lyman E. Johnson past apostle of the Mormon Church

Lyman Eugene Johnson was born October 24, 1811, in Pomfret, Vermont, to John and Elsa Jacobs Johnson. He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1831 at age 20, and less than one year later left to serve his first mission. Shortly after returning home, he left again to the East to serve another, walking from Ohio to Pennsylvania, and further on to New Jersey and New York. Lyman was also among those who volunteered for Zion's Camp.

Four years after joining the Church, on February 14, 1835, Lyman became the first Apostle chosen after Joseph Smith restored the Gospel. He was only 23 years old and the youngest member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. At that time, seniority in the Quorum was determined by age, rather than time of calling, and so he did not become the president of the Quorum.

After investing $6,000 in the Kirtland Safety Society, Lyman became bitter when that money was lost and blamed it on the Prophet Joseph Smith. After filing charges against the Prophet, and as a result of his behavior towards the Church, Lyman was "disfellowshipped" (a milder action than excommunication) on September 3, 1837. Despite apologizing to the Church and being reinstated, Lyman’s attitude did not change, and he was excommunicated on April 13, 1838. He continued to remain friendly with members of the Church and regretted that he no longer believed or was part of the organization.

On December 20, 1856, at the age of 45, Lyman died in a sleighing accident when his sled went through the ice.