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Madrid Spain Mormon Temple
The Madrid Spain Temple is the 56th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Spain is a country where the Mormon Church is coming out of anonymity because of the strength and example of its members. Freedom of religion was not legally guaranteed in Spain until 1967 and then in October of 1968 the Mormon Church received official recognition. With that, the first four full-time Mormon missionaries entered the country in May of 1969. [1]

With ninety-seven percent of Spain's population being Catholic, the Mormon Church grew quite slowly at first, with early converts being pressured from others to give up their faith. But, with the strong missionary effort and the strength of the members there, the Church has grown extensively. One measure of the Church growth was the announcement of the Madrid Spain Temple to be built in the suburb of Mortalez in 1996. This temple would be the centerpiece of a complex built on more than three acres of land and would include a missionary training center, an institute, temple patron housing, a distribution center, a family history library, and underground parking.

The Mormon temple in Madrid is a highly visible symbol of the Church's presence in Spain. During the open house over 100,000 community members and government officials toured the temple, including King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia.

When President Gordon B. Hinckley went to Spain to dedicate the Madrid Spain Temple he visited with the King and Queen, making this his third visit with the royal couple. At his visit in 1992 he presented them with a special gift created by well-known Spanish artists: a Lladro figurine of the Christus, modeled after the original by Bertel Thorvaldsen and "created in commemoration of the opening of the very first temple in Spain pertaining to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Jose Lladro, president of the Lladro Company, had personally delivered the first five issues of the figurine to President Hinckley at the Madrid Spain Temple site. One of the five figurines is now on permanent display in the temple foyer. [2]

Before the dedication of the Madrid Temple, President Hinckley was asked, "If you could say any one thing to the members of the Church here in Spain, what would it be?" President Hinckley responded with, "Live worthy to go to the temple. Then you will be worthy of every blessing this Church has to offer." [3] In the temple dedicatory prayer, President Hinckley promised the people that, "...Thy people will come to this House. May they be friendly and generous toward Thy cause and kingdom. Bless this Thy work that it shall flourish and grow in wondrous splendor, touching for everlasting good the hearts of people everywhere." [1]

The Madrid Spain Temple has a total of 45,800 square feet, four ordinance rooms, and four sealing rooms.


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