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Mormon Pop Group Manitu

Manitú, originally from Colorado, is a pop, R&B and alternative band that consists of three brothers, Marcos, 19, Lukas, 21, and Lex, 24, Sanchez. The brothers are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon Church. They released their first CD, Un Mundo Nuevo/A New World, in June 2009 and recently moved to Mexico City to work with Sony Music.

The Sanchez brothers started playing music at a young age, first separately and then together. After performing at an impromptu talent show at a family reunion, they agreed to form a band, which they called Manitú, after Manitou Springs in Colorado. An uncle in attendance commented that he knew a producer in San Diego, and urged them to audition for him. The brothers got in contact with Kiko Cibrian, one of the premier music producers in Latin America, who agreed to work with them and produce a CD. [1]

After becoming involved with Cibrian, the group compiled enough songs to create a CD. Manitú presented their tentative CD to Sony Music and Westwood Management, who were immediately impressed by the group and offered to back the project.

As expected, it hasn’t been easy. The group has taken steps to make their music a priority, including a difficult relocation away from their family to be closer to the Sony offices based in Mexico City.

Along with the professional and personal pressures of their demanding lifestyle, the brothers have had to strengthen their relationship one with another. They've had to quickly resolve conflicts which could be threatening to their performance and their image as a group, [as] brothers, and as members of the Church.

The music business has also given them the chance to appreciate the Church and stand up for it. “It’s given me the opportunity to see how much [the Church] is needed in the world today,” said Lukas. “The wonderful thing is that now we have the ability to be examples under that spotlight and influence others for good” (LDS Living).

As of 2010 the brothers had finished a promotional tour in Mexico, and planned to promote their new single and start a tour of shows, which will include stops in Central and South America and the US.

To hear some of Manitú’s music, visit their official website,