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Mormon dot org screenshot is the website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormon Church meant for friends of other faiths who know little or nothing about the Church and would like to know more. The website was revamped and re-introduced in July 2010 and now has testimonies and stories from some 2,000 Latter-day Saints. Another 13,000 stories were under consideration, and the site may eventually have the personal stories of 100,000 Latter-day Saints. [1] Rather than hearing from the Church as a huge institution, newbies can now hear the gospel personally from members of the Church.

"Answers to questions appear in brief snippets or a few paragraphs of thoughtful reflections and personal witnesses of doctrinal beliefs, with accompanying personal photos. This personal outreach by unofficial voices is matched with some official responses to questions by church leaders. The blend and diversity of profiling and messaging is intended to open up genuine dialog and communication with online seekers and curious onlookers–you can “meet the Mormons” over the virtual fence." [2]
"Each unique profile answers gospel questions while also adding a conversational feel to the website. Previously, official Church statements answered all doctrinal questions on the site, making it difficult for non-members to relate to the Church on a personal level. Keeping this in mind, the site developers sought to connect individual non-members to individual Mormons." [3]

Each profile on the website is reviewed for three things: 1) Doctrinal correctness, 2) No intellectual property infringement and, 3) No personal information that could endanger the profiler.

The site offers live chat options and frequently-asked questions, selectable even by gender, age, and location. So friends of other faiths can narrow down their communiques to those in their own socially relevant or preferred demographic.

From the site, visitors can find a local meetinghouse, order free materials, ask to meet with missionaries, and even engage in live chat. There is also a guide to church historical sites in the U.S. for travellers who would like to visit.

"Regardless of whether a visitor to investigates the Church further, it is important to have a place where the world can meet Mormons, eliminate false impressions and gain a true understanding of the Church and its members" (Ron Wilson, manager of Internet and marketing for the Church Missionary Department).

In June 2011, was selected as one of Interactive Media Awards’ “Top Ten Websites of The Year,” a contest with more than 4,000 entries. Originally launched in 2000, the website was revamped in 2010 with the focus on individual members and how their faith impacts their lives.

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