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Common LDS (Mormon) Terms

Mormon Church Meetinghouse
The Latter-day Saint faith has a vocabulary all its own. Here a few of the most common LDS terms will be explained. If a term is not listed here The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a glossary on its website that can be visited for more information.
  • CTR: This stands for "Choose The Right," and is often seen on rings that members wear as reminders.
  • BYD: This term stands for Bishop Youth Discussion. This is usually a Sunday evening meeting that youth 12 to 18 are asked to attend. At the meeting the Bishop gives a lesson on a specific topic, then the youth are able to ask him questions at the end.
  • Home Teachers: The men in the ward are paired up and asked to pay monthly visits to usually three or four local families. They are supposed to talk with the families and give a lesson. Home teachers are supposed to provide extra support for those families, be aware of their needs, and help in any way they can.
  • MTC: The shortened name of the Missionary Training Center. The most well known missionary training center is in Provo, Utah, but there are numerous centers all over the world. Formally called missionaries go to the centers for training and instruction. Missionaries going places where they will be speaking a different language stay longer to learn the language.
  • Mutual: Weekly activities for the teenage members of the Church. These are put together on a ward or congregation level.
  • Preemie-This term is used to describe a young man who has not yet gone on a mission. The term is most commonly heard on LDS university campuses.
  • RM: This stands for Returned Missionary. This is a person that has been called formally to a mission for the Church, served for the expected amount of time, and returned home.
  • Sacrament Meeting: Weekly worship meeting held on Sundays, where the sacrament, which is similar to communion, is given to the members. The meeting begins with a song and prayer, followed by the giving of the sacrament. After the sacrament, spiritual instruction is given, most commonly by members of the congregation, who have been asked to talk on a specific topic by a member of the bishopric.
  • Talk: In the LDS Church, members teach each other. “Giving a talk” refers to providing a lesson or instruction on a topic during one of the Sunday meetings, most often sacrament meeting.
  • Visiting Teacher: Women in the ward are paired up and given three to four women in the ward that they are supposed to meet with monthly. Usually they spend time talking, then they give a thought from the visiting teaching message for the month. This system is set up to help the ward be aware of families needs. It is another way for the Church to help take care of its members.
  • Ward: A group of members in a certain geographical area. This term is similar to a congregation. There are usually between 240 and 600 members in each ward.
  • Stake: A group of wards in a certain geographical area. There are usually around 5-7 wards in a stake.
  • Fireside: A devotional meeting with a selected speaker and usually held in the evening.