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 job chart Mormon is a website designed and executed by Gregg Murset of Phoenix, Arizona. Murset is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often mistakenly called the Mormon Church). He is also a husband, father, and certified financial planner.

Murset and his wife, Kami, as the parents of six children, had the usual problems with instilling in them a healthy work ethic. In the westernized world with city or suburban life, there is no dire consequence when work is not completed. In the old days on the farm, animals died, crops withered, and people suffered, if everyone in the family didn't carry part of the load. Nowadays in the western world, nothing terrible happens if a child fails to to the dishes or clean his room. Many children grow up indulged, entitled, and even lazy.

[Murset] "... not only wanted his children to learn to be responsible and to complete their daily chores, he also wanted them to understand how money works, how to set financial goals and the basics of money management." [1]

Tapping into the high-tech world modern children naturally are drawn to, Murset put together an online job tracking system that can also teach kids how to manage their money wisely. As of the end of 2012, having been online for 3 years, the website had more than 275,000 members who frequent the free online site and who have logged a total of more than a 100 million reward points.

MyJobChart is a welcome help for parents, most of whom feel it is the parents' duty to teach their children how to work and manage money, but rarely feel capable of doing it.

"A parent can literally create a list of chores that their child is to do in a day," Murset said. "The child wakes up in the morning, logs in, checks off the jobs as they do them. Parents can leave notes of encouragement as well and lists can be adjusted at any time.” This simple process of communicating and of making the work personal and achievable helps children feel good about the progress they are making. [2]

The online system also has a process wherein kids can earn rewards for their work, thus conforming to the patterns of real life. The job lists and the rewards are customizable by the parents.

“When a child earns a reward, the site sends you an e-mail or text message,” says Brother Murset. “It reminds you that you need to deliver on your promise.”

The website encourages saving and delaying instant gratification for higher rewards. It also encourages "sharing": also teaches children that they can choose to share their earnings by paying tithing or donating to an organization, such as the American Red Cross, Choice Humanitarian or another “MyJobChart charity” or an organization of their choice.

Author and financial guru, Suze Orman lauded the site, saying “revolutionizes how you teach kids about money,” adding that the site can teach children “how to be responsible and learn the value a dollar!" has developed money management relationships with several major banks. With ING Direct Bank, members can now open a Kids Savings Account, with no fees, and no minimum balances. In addition, children, ages 9 and up, can have added “real-world” experience if they sign up for an ING Direct Money Debit Card through The card allows children to learn lessons in spending and tracking money, but it also has a safety valve as it can be set up so when the child uses it, the parent gets a text message telling where and how much was spent. [3] is a fun, easy way to instill work ethic and build character in your kids.

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