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Nancy Judd had a unique approach to competing in the Utah Governor’s Pie Contest in 2012—she phoned Governor Gary R. Herbert’s secretary and asked what type of pie was his favorite. She took the response—chocolate—and created a chocolate pie with cashews in it and won the contest.

Her win launched her into the world of more contest entries and more wins. She ended up a contestant in the 2014 Grandma-versus-Grandma episode of "Chopped" (but was eliminated after the first round). She said on the show that she had entered because she wanted to earn money for herself and her husband to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She was later a contestant in the United Kingdom on the "Great American Baking Show."

Prior to her appearance on "Chopped," Nancy won $10,000 in the dessert competition at the World Food Championships. She also hosted her own cooking show, “Fun With Foods,” and appeared in a segment on the “Today” show.

Nancy lives in Alpine, Utah, and is the mother of eight children and grandmother to 36.