Orihah, son of Jared

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The Book of Mormon
Orihah is a character briefly mentioned in the Book of Mormon. He is noted for being the first king of the Jaredites. Upon arriving in the promise land, the people of Jared requested that a king rule over them and that the king come from one of Jared's sons: Jacom, Gilgah,Mahah, and Orihah. All three of Orihah's brothers declined the throne, leaving Orihah to be the first ruler over the Jaredites. He led the people in righteousness and was blessed for it.[1] Over the course of his life, he fathered 31 children and 23 sons. One of these, Kib, succeeded him to the throne.[2]

Orihah is also noted in the genealogy of Ether listed in the first chapter of the Book of Ether as being the father of Kib and the son of Jared.[3]

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