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The book of Proverbs in the Old Testament is considered to be the third of the poetic books – with Job and Ecclesiastes being the other two. Each book contains less material recognized as divine revelation and more attributed to human wisdom. The definition of a proverb is: a short saying that teaches proper and moral behavior. Thus as you read you will find practical advice for living one's religion and conducting oneself in a proper and honorable way.

We know that Solomon spoke many of the proverbs as is recorded in I Kings 4:32. Proverbs 1:1 says that Solomon is the author of all the proverbs, but there are others mentioned throughout the book.

Throughout the New Testament we find that the Savior used proverbs in his teachings.1 And proverbs are found throughout the Old Testament as a source of inspiration, counsel, and direction to the reader. These proverbs apply to the life of our day. By substituting ancient comparisons with modern ones, we often find its wisdom to be as appropriate today as it was then.

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