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Provident Living is an official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It provides information about physical welfare such as food storage, education, employment, welfare services, and other services provided by the Church.

There are eight main categories on the Provident Living Website: Physical Health, Social and Emotional Strength, Education and Literacy, Employment, Resource Management, Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness, Caring for Others, and Helps for Church Leaders.

Physical Health

This section gives a brief overview of how to take care of our bodies. Topics in this category include; Health Principles, the Word of Wisdom, Disease Prevention, Medical Care, Exercise and Fitness, Nutrition and Diet.

Social and Emotional Strength

This content is provided by LDS Family Services and provides information about counseling for unwed parents; adoption services; and counseling for families, individuals, or groups.

Education and Literacy

This category provides information and support for education. There is information about continuing education as an adult, how learning affects spirituality, ideas for educating the family and a link to find employment and other opportunities such as financial aid, and education.


This area of the website provides information about the Church's employment program. It also includes places for people to look to find jobs, a place for ward employment specialists and employers to post jobs, tips on job hunting, resume writing and interviews, and other resources.

Resource Management

This section provides helpful information to families about how to deal with finances and how to teach children to be wise with money. There are also now interactive financial calculators on this portion of the site as well.
Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
This section gives information about why food storage is a good idea, how to begin your food storage, what should be included in food storage, as well as information about gardening and emergency preparedness. Interactive features on this area include a food storage calculator.
Caring for Others
This section contains links to the Church's humanitarian service efforts and Deseret Industries.
Helps for Church Leaders
This section is for Church leaders such as bishops. It gives them insight into the different programs of the Church and provides them with materials that will benefit those they watch over.