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SHeDaisy (also known as the Osborn Sisters) is a well-known country music group comprised of three gorgeous sisters, Kristyn Robyn Osborn (the blonde) (born 24 August 1970), Kelsi Marie Osborn (the redhead) (born 21 November 1974), and Kassidy Lorraine Osborn (the brunette) (born 30 October 1976). They are natives of Magna, Utah, near Salt Lake City, and they are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They have three other siblings – a sister named Karli, a brother named Cade, and a brother named Clayton. Kelsi has twin daughters.

The group was founded by the three sisters in the late 1990s. The trio began their careers as The Osborn Sisters. Kassidy is the lead vocalist, Kelsi sings high harmony, and Kristyn handles low harmony. Their country music has a pop edge to it. On both the creative side as well as the production side of their music, they have carved out a special niche with their distinctive sound. The group's name is derived from the word “shideezhí,” a Navajo term meaning “my little sister.”[1]

A Promising Music Career

The Osborn sisters began singing at an early age, performing for relatives in their hometown of Magna, Utah. They sold tickets to neighborhood shows and sang to the residents of local retirement homes. As they grew older, Kristyn spent more time alone writing songs, while Kelsi and Kassidy performed locally as a duo. After graduating from high school, eldest sister Kristyn joined her sisters, making them a three-part harmony group. Eventually, they performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Utah Jazz home games. They later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, working similar shifts at different department stores and sharing a car as they promoted their musical career. They were signed to the Nashville division of RCA Records and recorded an album that was never released. By 1999 the sisters renamed the group SHeDAISY and signed to Lyric Street Records.

SHeDaisy’s first album, The Whole SHeBANG was released in 1999 and certified platinum in the United States. A Christmas album entitled Brand New Year was released in 2000, Knock on the Sky was issued in 2002, the gold-certified Sweet Right Here was released in 2004, Fortuneteller's Melody in 2006, and the compilation The Best of SHeDAISY in 2008.

The sisters are songwriters as well as performers and have won or been nominated for several awards for their music. SHeDAISY has charted 15 times on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. A little-known fact about SHeDAISY is that Kristyn has written or co-written all the music the girls have ever recorded, save for two or three tracks that were recorded for various other projects. Early on, SHeDAISY worked with Jason Deere, an Oklahoma-native Mormon songwriter in Nashville. He produced them while they were signed to the Lyric Street Records. Their hits include "Little Good-Byes," "This Woman Needs", "I Will… But", "Don’t Worry 'bout a Thing", and two Christmas singles.

They did not comb through 5,000 songs to find the "cuts" that somebody else may think are "hits.” They made their own brand of country music, without apology, whether it fit into a single genre or not. They are creators, performers, thinkers, writers, and innovators.

SHeDAISY makes no bones about straddling traditional country music and a contemporary pop styling and they have often faced fierce criticism for doing so. They would be the first person, well, women to tell you, that they didn't move to Nashville to fit in. They came to carve out their own unique sound and style and to push the edges of what country was and could be. They didn't want to arrive on the scene and do what everybody else was doing. They wanted to find out who they were and what they were. They wanted to uncover their own beautiful noise.

They have not recorded anything since the release of “The Best of SHeDaisey” in 2008.


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