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President Russell M. Nelson announced the construction of a temple in the People's Republic of China in April 2020. The Shanghai People's Republic of China Temple will be the first temple in Mainland China.

During his announcement of this specific temple, President Nelson further explained the unique circumstances of its construction and operation.

Context for the plan for Shanghai is very important. For more than two decades, temple-worthy members in the People’s Republic of China have attended the Hong Kong China Temple. But in July 2019, that temple was closed for long-planned and much-needed renovation.
In Shanghai, a modest multipurpose meeting place will provide a way for Chinese members to continue to participate in ordinances of the temple—in the People’s Republic of China—for them and their ancestors.
In every country, this Church teaches its members to honor, obey, and sustain the law. We teach the importance of the family, of being good parents and exemplary citizens. Because we respect the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, the Church does not send proselyting missionaries there; nor will we do so now.
Expatriate and Chinese congregations will continue to meet separately. The Church’s legal status there remains unchanged. In an initial phase of facility use, entry will be by appointment only. The house of the Lord in Shanghai will not be a destination place for tourists from other countries.[1]


The Shanghai People's Republic of China Temple is currently in the planning stages. No location has been announced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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