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Shirley Bahlmann is self-described as “a prolific and eclectic author.” Her books are historical fiction, biography, novel, paranormal, how-to and include Against All Odds: Amazing Pioneer Stories of Courage and Survival; Odd People: Andapu Oyate; Even Love Is Odd: True Old Fashioned Pioneer Stories of Love and Romance; Isn’t That Odd; Unseen Odds; The Pioneers: A Course in Miracles; Oddly Enough; Walker’s Gold; Fool’s Gold; Bands of Gold; Life Is Like Riding a Unicycle; and Detours: When Life Throws You a Curve, Just Follow the Road. She wrote Faith, Hope, and Gravity for Merrill Osmond.

Bahlmann teaches writing classes. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.