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Sing with Me: Songs for Children was the precursor of the Children's Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many of the well-beloved songs that are included in the Children's Songbook first appeared in Sing with Me, such as “I Am a Child of God,” “I Know My Father Lives,” “Book of Mormon Stories.”. A total of 217 songs filled the songbook intended for use in Primary.

Supplements were also available entitled “More Songs for Children” (1978, 34 songs), “Activity Songs and Verses” (1977, 26 songs and 39 poems), and “Supplement to More Songs for Children” (1982, 10 songs).

According to the preface, members of the Sunday School and Primary general boards met to begin preparations for the book. Through the Church News, Church musicians were invited to contribute songs on gospel topics to teach doctrine. Favorites were selected from existing songs.