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In his closing remarks at the 192nd Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to construct a temple in Tacoma, Washington.

The Tacoma Washington Temple will be the fifth temple announced in the state of Washington, which is situated in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Missionaries first arrived in Washington in 1854. Today, the state is home to more than 280,000 Latter-day Saints in nearly 525 wards and branches.

Other temples in the state under construction or in operation are the Columbia River Washington Temple (2001), Moses Lake Washington Temple (estimated 2023), Seattle Washington Temple (1980), and Spokane Washington Temple (1999).[1]

Alex McCain from Bothell, Washington, was in the Conference Center when the announcement was made about a new temple in Tacoma. He said he is excited for people who live south of Seattle to able to avoid a lot of the traffic congestion to get to the Seattle Washington Temple right now.
“It makes going to the temple a whole lot easier,” he said. “More temples, more blessings.”[2]


The Tacoma Washington Temple is currently in the planning stages. No location has been announced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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