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There are actually a few groups encouraging lds people to be vegetarians. And we are stealing Honey from bee's Milk from cows and on and on. They manipulate scriptures and words of the prophets to prove "there point'. One thing about them though they just happen to be what I call Mormon activists who take up a cause and hope the church or church members follow there cause.

There leader is a former chicken farmer, dairy man rancher who had several health problems, then in hospital said nothing need die that I may live. So he preaches it. Some people follow him.

Thing is those people are very few not a whole lot of people listen to them. But those that do and people that recive revelation or tell us not to use animals were in the proper order of revelation do they stand? While the person that got the revelation his life would be preserved if he abstained from animal products. May have received it just the same as someone may have received revelation in a similar situation to abstain from bread or eat more of it too. But that too directing other people falls out of the proper revelatory channels and the proper channels don't say what he says.

It is not common though just a few activists and from what I read I think comical. Good job of twisting scriptures to prove there point too. Apocrypha and Dead sea scrols are jewels to them when it fits there point. Usertalk Southidaho

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