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The doctrine of salvation needs to be clarified and presented as a consistent philosophy on all the pages on this site. Is the following correct? --

Salvation is a free gift to mankind because of the atonement of Christ and equals the resurrection. Exaltation must be earned by performance of ordinances, keeping the commandments, and enduring to the end.

If the above are true, then this article needs editing.

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The above is true, but it is not true in all contexts. Salvation has many levels, the most basic of which is resurrection and the author of the statements you make might properly be interpreted to be defining what he means by the term "salvation" when he uses it. As the term has come to be used among Christians today, however, it is some more definite, precise thing which is generally thought of as "getting into heaven". Generally we, as Latter-day Saints often speak of salvation in a precise way as well, but when we do so, we lose clarity within the context of LDS dialog, unless we define what we mean by salvation. Most commonly, I think, the term is used to refer to "getting into the celestial kingdom" as this provides a good analog to what non-LDS culture means when they use the word. Similarly the term also can be used to refer to exaltation, as it is the most complete kind of "salvation" one can receive. (ie. it is a salvation that does not entail damnation.) Salvation can also be used as a term for the resurrection, because that is the most basic form of salvation. However, I don't think this definition is employed quite so much due to the fact that it results in the completely wrong-sounding (to the non-LDS mind at least) conclusion that "everyone will be saved".
I, personally, don't think we need to endeavor to standardize our use of the term or to enforce a specific "this is salvation" viewpoint as it will then appear, to the non-LDS observer, that we are in conflict with the rest of the church. Instead, I think we need to endeavor to be more aware of the ambiguity inherent in the term salvation, along with the confusion that it can elicit in the non-LDS mind. We should be less lazy about our use of the term.
I think this would be especially difficult for new members who are more accustomed to discussing salvation in this limited "getting into heaven" sense, but many long-time members stumble over this as well. --Seanmcox 12:26, 13 December 2007 (MST)