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Sean! Thanks for this article and the other updates you've done since conference. I added a non/thumb photo to this article and refered this upload problem to Chad Beck, a new techie on the MGF staff. I've sent him to this comment to review it. Chad's email is [email protected], for your information. Gboyd 17:31, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

There's clearly a problem with the thumbnail generation on this server. I have some little experience with these kinds of issues and might be able to give some advice regarding it, but I expect that this is probably something you've already run into. I had, and recently had the problem reemerge on my own wiki after an upgrade. Looking into what I did, I see that there are three parameters which may be relevant to correcting this problem. As they are set in my wiki, I give them below:

$wgUseImageMagick = false;
$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = "/usr/bin/convert";
$wgCustomConvertCommand = "/usr/bin/convert -resize %wx%h! %s %d";

$wgUseImageMagick is generally set to true, $wgCustomConvertCommand is generally not set, and $wgImageMagickConvertCommand, as I have it set, is the default. (I don't recall changing it. On my server, I have an old version of ImageMagic that doesn't support the method MediaWiki uses to resize images.) I imagine, based on the apparent error, that your related settings look more like this:

$wgUseImageMagick = true;
$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = "/usr/local/bin/convert";

And this seems to be wrong at the moment. I would guess that either this setting was changed recently, or the convert command at that location was moved/removed. (That or something more exotic happened, such as hard-coding the path in a script... which is similar to what I did the first time I had related problems, and is exactly why it broke again for me after an upgrade.)

Anyhow, that's all I could say on the matter.

-Seanmcox 07:14, 5 April 2009 (UTC)