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There were some recent changes that seem to make things less comprehensible. What was the intended meaning for that latest edit? I'll probably revert or edit things back myself unless I can figure out what things mean now. (I'll probably do it manually, as it's apparent the previous version had some correctable grammar problems.) -Seanmcox 10:08, 28 September 2007 (MDT)

There were some grammar problems in original article forked over from Patriarch to the church. Ones I wrote. I edited that yesterday but was more awkward. Just edited that now for grammatical reasons. Hopefully easier to understand now.

Southidaho, I don't know, it looks worse to me. If you'd like a full critique, I can provide you with that, in case you might find it helpful. Since no information seems to have been added, I think I'll revert and edit the grammatical problem that I had noted existed in the original. Also, for the sake of talk pages, I recommend looking at this. --Seanmcox

I didn't see any problems grammatically after the reversion, it all made sense that way.

On the matter of multiple patriarchs in the same stake, I've seen that, my stake hosts one of the Spanish wards in the area, and they had one for a time to give blessings in Spanish to members there. Recently the same stake called a new patriarch to function for the present patriarch because of health concerns, so that information is correct also. Multiple functioning patriarchs can also be found where one patriarch moved into a stake that already had one, or after a boundary realignment two patriarchs end up living within the realigned stake's boundaries.

I figured there may be a specifice stake patriarch for spanish speaking members in an area were that stake patriarch gives blessings to all the spanish speaking people in a certian area that would cover several stakes.

In our stake new Patriarch was called. Other one served many years left to go on mission and another individual was called. That individual went on a mission than the original patriarch again given acting status. He just received nonfunctioning or emeritus status himself is elderly. He can still bless his posterity I don't think anyone else though. We have one functioning patriarch and I beleive two ordained patriarchs as the second one to go on a mission didn't return to the stake. Good examples interesting calling I added more info on them . Signed Southidaho Also how do you outline things maybe it is a computer skill I need were I want to bold some things. Other people have that skill maybe I should seek and find it.

Outline? Do you mean underline? Or perhaps you are talking about making links?
Bold and underline are dangerous. They have their merits when employed correctly, but do be careful. Personally, I would recommend you give your grammar and spelling some scrutiny. A simple aid for spelling would be for you to use Firefox. Firefox does a spell check for text that you type. When you see something underlined in red, you're alerted to a possible problem and can right-click on the word to get spelling suggestions. Grammar is harder. This grammar problem is the main source of the incoherence I mentioned. --Seanmcox 17:40, 10 December 2007 (MST)

I think I found what you mean. Were you referring to creating page subheadings? Those are created by surrounding the entire text with two or more equals signs (=) on each side of the text. For example:

==Example Subheading==

--Seanmcox 18:03, 10 December 2007 (MST)Thanks now I figured that ou so if I want to add info that needs subheadings than I can do that myself.